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what a brilliant night (transkriptsiooniga)

Posted by veerand &emdash; juuli 11, 2007

Teate, et Bill Baileyl on täiesti side muusikaga olemas? Ta teeb püstijalakoomikuesinemistel alati muusikalist nalja ka. Täiesti korralik muusik. Aga ma liigun tasapisi muusika sõnalise osa poole. Nii, Bill esitab loo nii, nagu Geoffrey Chaucer seda ehk teha võiks. Kes ütles, et popkultuur pole hariv? Ah et ei keegi? Ma sain teada, kes Geoffrey Chaucer on.

Bill Bailey does a pub gag in the style of chaucer

Ja mingi enesemõrvarliku aje sunnil transkribeerisin kogu jutu kah veel. Paar lünka jäi. Kes oskab laita, tule ja aita jne kehtib nagu ikka.

Bill Bailey’s Geoffrey Chaucer Pubb Gagge

Three fellows wenton into a pubbe
and gleefully they hands did rubbe
in expectation of revelry
forth is the hour that is happee
great bottells of wine did they quaff
and had a really good laffe
till drunkenness held full dominion
………two for the price of one
yet after wine and mead and sack
man musta have a massive snack
great pastis from Cornwall
Scottish eggs round like a ball
great hams quail duck and geese
they sucked the bones and drank the grease
one fellow stood all pale and wan
for he was a vegetarian
yet man knoweth the gluttony
stoketh the fire of lechery
upon three young wenches round and sly
the fellows cast a wanton eye
one did approach with a drunken wink
hello darlin do you fancy a drink?
soon they caught them on their knee
it was like some grisly puppetry
such was the lewdness and debauchery
it was like a sketch by Dick Emery
except that Dick Emery is not yet born
so that such comparison may not be drawn
then the fellows began to pale for
quail are not the friend of ale
and in their bellies much confusion
from their throats vile extrusion
stinking foul corruption came
spewing forth from drooling lips
the fettered stench did fill the pub as the
very arse of Belsebub
thrown they were from Whore and Trumpet
in the street no coin no strumpet
homeward bound they must quickly go
to that end the donkey stole
the hands all with vomit greased
the donkey was not pleased
and threw them all into a ditch of shite
they all agreed
what a brilliant night!


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